Lotto MAX, Lotto 6/49 Millionaires Brace with Patience

Lotto MAX has once again made the week more than special for one ticket holder by making them Canada’s latest lottery millionaire. During these trying times, players have turned towards the diverse lottery offerings and Lotto MAX’ Main prize managed to reach CA$70 million. A ticket sold in the Chatham-Kent region is now eligible for the cash payout in its entirety.

Draw-based lottery has been among the most popular gaming offerings for thousands of Canadians, as it gives them an equal chance of winning the substantial Main prize coming with the draws. Lotto MAX and Lotto 6/49 are the two most popular gaming opportunities, bringing players the thrill of potential large payouts several times a week. Someone managed to match all numbers needed for the Lotto MAX jackpot.
Lotto MAX Jackpot

April 14 brought the latest Lotto MAX draw to the players across Canada and all eyes were once again on its Main prize reaching CA$70 million. This is the cap and the amount cannot grow further. The numbers drawn during the recent draw were 03, 06, 09, 22, 29, 38, 39, as well as the bonus one 18.

Lotto MAX, Lotto 6/49 Continue Swelling without Winners

Matching the main seven numbers was essential for bagging the grand prize. Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation made it clear that the lucky ticket eligible for the cash payout had been sold in the Chatham-Kent region ahead of the April 14 Lotto MAX draw. For the time being it remains unknown whether the winner is a single individual or a group of lottery enthusiasts but this could become clear in the upcoming weeks.

Atlantic Canada Lotto, Horse Racing Enthusiasts Face Challenges

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation closed its prize claim center mid-March taking into account the unprecedented situation across the province and around the globe. Individuals traveling there to claim their larger lottery prizes might but in risk their own health, as well as the health of OLG employees. Now, this claim option has been shut down indefinitely.
Lotto 6/49 Jackpot
The winner of this grand prize might have to wait for a while before they have the chance to bag the CA$70-million Main prize. In order to give an equal chance of winning to all players, the Crown corporation extended the claim period for tickets that are about to expire ahead of September 17, 2020. Once life returns to its normal pace and the prize claim center is open, the winner would have the chance to take a photo with the coveted prize cheque.

OLG Lotto Tickets Still a Guilty Pleasure amid Social Distancing

They would also be able to bag the prize itself. Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation recommends that the player signs the winning lottery ticket and get it validated at one of the retail locations sprinkled across the region. The next step would be the safe storage of both the ticket and the validation slip, as this would guarantee them the cash prize once the prize center reopens.

Loto-Québec Sees Less Money Spent on Lotto MAX Tickets

April 17 is about to bring a Mainprize amounting to CA$39 million, once again a rather hefty pile of cash that could once again go to a devoted Canadian lottery player. In the meantime, Lotto 6/49 was also generous to a single ticket. Its Main prize of CA$16,460,052.50 managed to make a connection with one ticket. The winning number of the April 15 draw were 01, 03, 07, 13, 22, 47 plus the bonus one 30. Whoever is in possession of the special ticket should patiently wait until they have a chance to bag the prize.

Ajax, Scugog Municipalities Bag Casino Cash Despite Trying Times

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation is ready to continuously support its host communities down the road despite the gaming expansion taking place. The Crown corporation overseeing the Ontario gaming field made it clear that the municipalities of Ajax and Scugog would continue receiving regular casino cash allocations and additional support even though the casino venues they host are shut down right now.

Casino venues and gaming halls have many ways in which they can support their host communities. One of those is the regular gaming revenue allocations they have to make to the local community and its various programs and organizations directly benefitting from them. Durham municipalities are some of the areas receiving added benefits from the ongoing gambling operation in the region.
Casino Allocations Continue

Great Canadian Gaming Corporation oversees Casino Ajax and Great Blue Heron Casino, two of the most popular gaming venues in the Durham region. The unprecedented situation has made it impossible for the two venues to continue their regular operation with patrons. Mid-March, Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation announced its decision to shut down all brick-and-mortar casino venues and gambling halls in the province.

Great Canadian Gaming Corporation Secures Future Casino Ajax Operation

This included the two aforementioned casino venues that are currently in an indefinite lockdown. Local players frequenting them now resort to the online gaming offerings has up for grabs, as the provincial lottery leader has encouraged them to explore its online platform. It has been recently confirmed that Casino Ajax and Great Blue Heron Casino would continue supporting their host communities.

Ontario Province Makes a Logical Decision to Keep Ajax Casino Operational

This means that Ajax and Scugog are about to continue receiving the support they are eligible for. The regular payments are based on an already established formula for allocations covering all 26 Ontario gaming venues overseen by the gambling corporation. Casino Ajax gives back a percentage of its slot machines gaming revenue at the end of every quarter of the year. The community managed to bag some CA$7,080,900 for three quarters of the 2019 fiscal year.
Agreements in Place
The last payment for the 2019 fiscal year was made this January and it amounted to CA$1,851,508. Three months later, it is time for the next regular quarterly payment coming from the casino venue and Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation. It is projected to happen over the next couple of weeks, as the unprecedented situation would not get in the way of the community support happening.

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. Brings Windfall to Casino Host Communities

Up until this point, Ajax has been bagging casino cash ever since April 1, 2013. Scugog, on the other hand, has a commercial fee-for-services agreement with the Crown corporation allowing it to bag money on a regular basis. The beginning of this month saw the municipality receive its allocation amounting to CA$231,925.90, as township spokeswoman Lori Bowers confirmed. Great Blue Heron Casino is projected to bring the township some CA$874,000 every year.

Workers of Casino Ajax Would Go on Strike if No Fair Settlement Is Reached, Says Unifor

The arrangement is mutually beneficial and in return for the cash, Scugog takes care of the roads leading to the tribal casino venue. This includes care during the winter months, as well as repairing throughout the year. The current arrangement is set to cover the years until March 31, 2027 or for a total of nine years and three months. Prior to the 2016 agreement, the municipality bagged revenue allocations from the casino venue.

OLG Bags CA$500m Loan to Stay Afloat

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation is about to receive some CA$500 million from Ontario’s government as a loan striving to help its future operation. The unprecedented situation around the globe and in Canada has affected normal gaming operation which called for the loan. The Crown corporation will also be able to cover its contractual obligations over the past almost three months.

Support in these trying times comes in handy for the large lottery corporations that have been hit by the dynamically changing situation. Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation closed its brick-and-mortar casinos mid-March and ever since then it has been relying on online gaming revenue and ticket sales where possible. Now provincial officials want to show their support.
Government Loans Money

This could happen with the extension of a line of credit amounting to some CA$500 million. The amount was estimated to cover the negative effect the lockdown has had on the Crown corporation and its normal operation. With the help of this loan, Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation is projected to take care of its operational costs over the past eleven weeks.

OLG Seeks Nepean Lotto MAX Fan to Bag CA$15m

Along with that, the amount is also expected to take care of the contractual obligations that are still in place despite the constantly changing situation in the gaming world and across the province. It should be taken into account that Ontario is currently in the process of reopening some businesses. The first stage commenced last week and it greenlighted all construction projects. Retail locations outside of shopping malls were also opened.

OLG Fuels Sault Ste. Marie City Coffers with Casino Cash

The second phase is going to include the opening of more community and outdoor spaces for the people to enjoy in the summer months. In addition to that, larger public gatherings might also be greenlighted if the first phase proves to be a success. The last phase of this reopening plan includes sporting events, as well as the brick-and-mortar casino venues.
What’s to Come
This could happen in the summer months of this year, provided that each of the stages takes up to four weeks. The CA$500 million is expected to also ease up the reopening process for Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, as this would be a gradual process. The government confirmed that the line of credit is a feasible goal for the Crown corporation to repay once normal operation commences.

OLG Casino Cash Fuels Host Community Projects

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation is still evaluating the most appropriate time to reopen its casino venues. In the meantime, lottery gaming and online gaming products are among the popular pastime activities for many individuals residing in Ontario. As many local businesses commence their opening process, its Prize Center remains closed for lottery winners.

OLG Lotto Tickets Still a Guilty Pleasure amid Social Distancing

However, the lucky individuals that have won a prize could still receive it in the mail, if it is below CA$50,000. is able to meet players’ expectations and offer them a chance to purchase their lottery tickets for both draw-based and instant games. As a result, Lotto MAX and Lotto 6/49 have seen an increase in ticket sales.