Casino Rama Employees Give Green Light to New 3-Year Contracts, Await 10-Percent Wage Jump

Casino Rama Resort employees gave their resounding Yes to the new three-year contracts that were negotiated last week essentially ratifying the tentative agreement. With the help of this improvement, they are going to witness a wage surge of more than 10 percent over the span of the following three years of operation in Orillia.
Following about four weeks of heated negotiations filled with long sessions of discussions, casino workers expressed their content with the final results they achieved. Unifor Local 1019, the labor union that led negotiations on the new contracts, protects Casino Rama’s employees’ rights. Gateway Casinos and Entertainment and the union dedicated around 18 hours to the last portion of conversation regarding the new contracts regardless of the general exhaustion. The result had to be consulted with the casino employees with the help of a vote.
Workers Ratify Tentative Agreement
The workers at the casino and the adjacent hotel had the chance to inspect the proposed tentative agreement and weight its pros and cons. This happened at a special gathering at the hotel where they had more than 15 hours to learn more about their future contracts of employment and how they are going to benefit from them. More than 1,400 individuals working at the location on a daily basis were curious to learn how their lives are going to change over the span of the next several years.
Once they knew more about the proposed tentative agreement, there was a vote where people had the chance to express their support of discontent with the potential improvements. Some 72 percent of them agreed that these conditions are much more favorable than the current ones and they would like to see them implemented on site of both the casino venue and the hotel tower. This is how they voiced their support and approval of the way things had went.
Unifor Local 1090 made sure that their rights are protected and their previously expressed demands are taken into consideration. This new agreement covers the years ahead of 2021, progressively increasing wages over the span of this period. Workers will be able to receive more than 10-percent surge of their payment which has been their goal all along. In addition to that, they will also see considerable improvements to their pension plan.
Unifor Local 1090 Wanted to Keep it Fair to Everyone
Up until this point, workers at the casino venue has been concerned that their payment and benefit packages are among the lowest ones in the regional field, a status quo that had to be changed. Apart from the wages increase, casino workers will also see the official end of benefit co-payments, another improvement to their employment contracts.
It should be taken into account that they would also see the retention of 10 emergency leave days as a result of the negotiated agreement. In order to keep matters fair and in alignment with working conditions in other Gateway Casinos’ location, the tentative agreement was negotiated in its current state. The requirement for this Saturday vote was that 51 percent of Casino Rama’s workers express their support of the tentative agreement.
The last session of discussions between Unifor Local 1090 and the casino operator lasted 18 hours until the wee hours of the morning. It was a heated one, as it extended past the original deadline for negotiations threatening to see employees take matters to the streets and go on a strike. The very first days of January saw them voice their 95-percent approval of a strike if their demands were not taken into account.

History in the Making: B.C. Promises CA$3 Billion in Allocations to First Nations over 25 Years

British Columbia Government issued its 2019 budget for the province and extensive information on it is now available for anyone interested in the details around it. There are many improvements coming with the new budget, among them, being the First Nations support that has been anticipated for quite a while now. British Columbia Lottery Corporation revenue is going to be shared with the First Nations and the first phase of allocations amounts to CA$300 million over the next three years, CA$3 billion over the next 25 years.
The arrangement has been anticipated and Indigenous tribes across the province were willing to see it come true, as it is projected to give them the needed financial boost for a wide variety of projects within their communities. The British Columbia government made a promise First Nations would receive regular allocations generated by lottery operation across the province and the entire arrangement was detailed in the budget for the following months.
First Nations Celebrate Decision
Finance Minister Carole James had the important task to introduce the budget for this year in Victoria, where he gave a detailed explanation and run through everything new it has on offer. Over the span of the following 25 years, First Nations would receive some CA$3 billion from British Columbia Lottery Corporation. This new agreement promises continuous support of the First Nations across British Columbia with allocations on an annual basis.
Every year, the lottery corporation would send each and every community financial support starting from CA$500,000. Some of them could receive up to CA$2 million per year, an amount that could be used for beautification works around the First Nation area or other projects in need of a financial boost. The said amounts of cash would be generated via the regular operation of the lottery corporation enjoyed by people of all ages.
Up until this point, the said 7-percent portion of the gaming revenue used to be sent to the general revenue and later on invested in other projects across the province. The overall number of Indigenous communities across British Columbia reaches 203, meaning that all of them would receive the allocations they are worthy of. As a result, infrastructure and environment projects are expected to see an improvement.

BC Budget: $3 billion over 25 years for First Nations in BC from Gaming Revenue.
— Khelsilem (@Khelsilem) February 19, 2019

Allocations of CA$500,000 to CA$2 Million per Year
This new arrangement is something First Nations has been looking forward to for many years now. Grand Chief Joe Hall, a former chair of the B.C. First Nations Gaming Commission, stated that for the longest time not enough funds has slowed down the process of development for Indigenous communities. British Columbia has been part of the conversation throughout the years as Nations sought to guarantee their development continues at a steady pace.
The Liberal government found it hard to agree with the proposed conditions. Now the NDP government is seeking to introduce a change. The First Nations Gaming Commission is going to facilitate the process of funding management and distribution via a limited partnership. The step marks a pivotal point of British Columbia’s development, as it follows the example of other provinces supporting their First Nations with regular gambling allocations.

#bcbudget19 announced gaming revenue sharing of $3 billion over 25 years. Or 7% of gross revenues. For 203 #FirstNations. Over 39 years of fighting for this. I was part of the team for 13 years in various capacities-Only prov in Canada that didn’t share. Now they do. #happyday
— Judith Sayers (@kekinusuqs) February 20, 2019

Judith Sayers, President of the Nuu-chah-nulth Tribal Council, pointed out that Indigenous tribes have been fighting for this for nearly 40 years and 2019 would see the historical move, at last, bringing joy to the communities.

Blue Sky Bingo Draws Short Straw on Modernization ahead of Trying Times

Trying times are prone to test the community’s unity and its preparedness for action when the need arises. North Bay is now willing to help its bingo hall, which is going through a rough patch. Blue Sky Bingo is threatened by closing for business, as the province refuses to allow it to bring cGaming on site of the venue and improve its offerings.
Modernizing traditional gaming is a way for every location to remain competitive and a preferred entertainment option in an ever-changing gaming field. With so many offerings such as advanced casino locations, online gaming available in the comfort of players’ homes, and more, bingo venues have a rather vintage feeling to them. Introducing interactive bingo with touchscreen technology is crucial for many venues, perceiving it as a golden ticket for a gaming revenue surge.
Bingo Needs Innovative Offerings
March was a tough month for the bingo venues, as the Charity Gaming Federation of Ontario and Charitable Gaming and Bingo Innovation Association made it clear that the facility would not be among the bingo facilities benefitting from the innovative e-bingo platform.
The document included some locations offering traditional bingo action while omitting others and Blue Sky Bingo drew the shorts straw. The explanation behind this move was that Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation seeks upgrade of existing electronic bingo operation.
This meant that some 37 venues already offering modernized bingo action to their patrons are now eligible for a cGaming upgrade. In the meantime, venues still relying on traditional bingo offering would have to open conversation in the foreseeable future.
Once the e-bingo platform has been tested and approved as a reliable one in real life conditions, other bingo locations would be able to benefit from potential modernized offerings. Save Blue Sky Bingo is the organization that wants to prevent a devastating crash and burn of the local bingo scene. The venue is among the ten venues that have been excluded from the modernization wave.
cGaming Upgrade Would Not Reach Bingo Venue
Blue Sky Bingo owner John Rinn, stated that this move came as a surprise for the bingo management, as it pays taxes and strives to remain a reliable source of gaming excitement. The location supports more than 50 local charity organizations, the employment market, and a cGamign implementation would have introduced 30 more job positions to the existing ones.
In 2017 solely the venue was able to allocate some CA$1.2 million to the not-for-profit charity organizations in North Bay and the region. The venue would have to remain competitive in its offerings, as Gateway Casinos & Entertainment is planning to bring its brand new CA$31.3-million casino venue in the area, which would further complicate matters for the traditional bingo venue. Back in 2016 when the conversation about a casino venue first started, the bingo-funded organizations were concerned for their allocations.
In addition to the allocations, the bingo venue also sets aside some 10 percent of the bingo revenue for advertising and promotion of its offerings, equating to some CA$230,000 on an annual basis. Bingo operation is able to bring spectacular results in the long run, as it was confirmed by Jackpot City Bingo in Sarnia and its recent allocation reaching CA$5 million. As many as 100 Sarnia charitable organizations are going to benefit from this amount.

Gateway Casinos Purchases North Bay Land, Prepares for Groundbreaking

North Bay is about to get its first casino venue and its location is already known. Gateway Casinos and Entertainment announced its final decision to build its newest gaming facility in the area of Highway 11. The site of construction is going to be near the Nipissing Junction on Pinewood Park Drive in the south end of North Bay.
The controversy around the local habitat of Blanding’s turtles is still on the table. The official confirmation of the chosen site comes after weeks of anticipation, as the casino developer was carefully estimating the pros and cons of building on this particular site.
As it was confirmed, the casino complex is going to rise on a 7.3-acre land lot that would provide a constant flow of potential customers around the gaming venue and the more family-friendly offerings it features.
Casino Operator Awaits Municipal Nod
The casino operator has eyed the south end of North Bay and this choice appears to has the potential of transforming the local gaming field. The community is also projected to benefit immensely from casino operation, as it is going to receive gaming revenue allocations.
A mandatory next step would be the official green light given by local officials. Estimated time of construction would be this summer, giving the casino operator enough time to make the casino complex a dream come true. About a year would be needed for the construction of the CA$31.3-million casino location, as projections are that it would be ready to welcome its first casino patrons in the spring of 2020.
Cascades Casino North Bay is expected to bring some 14,100 square feet of gaming offerings meeting all expectations. The gaming floor itself is going to feature as many as 300 slot devices, in addition to some 10 gaming tables ready to meet everyone’s preferences. Gateway Casinos has yet to reveal more about the project and everything there is going to be up for grabs. Family-friendly offerings would feature the signature MATCH Public House and Eatery, as well as The Buffet.
Construction Will Start Soon
MATCH usually comes with a sports bar making the venue ready for potential single-event sports wagering regulation in the foreseeable future. Keith Andrews, Senior Vice President and Managing Director for Gateway Ontario, pointed out that the land has already been purchased and preparation for the next phases is underway. Work with Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation is in progress, as it would guarantee smooth progress.
Mayor Al McDonald stated that North Bay is ready for casino operation guaranteeing a steady income for hundreds of locals, as well as a flow of tourists and people from neighboring communities. It could be recalled that mid-January a group seeking protection of the so-called smiling turtles claimed that the new casino venue is going to destroy their existing habitat near Pinewood Park Drive.
Back then, the casino operator stated it is going to work with North Bay in order to find a mutually beneficial solution that would not harm the animals. The collaboration between Gateway Casinos and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry appears to have been productive and the official decision for construction site was issued. Ontario will soon greenlight a CA$4.5-million program protecting endangered species.

Amélie Poulain Meets James Bond During Loto-Quebec’s 25th Anniversary Celebrations

This year is a special one, as Loto-Quebec marks its 25th anniversary with great celebrations for everyone to enjoy. July 31 will give start to the nearly month-long celebrations of the Grand Feux Loto-Quebec.
All events part of the live celebrations are going to take place in the vicinity of St. Lawrence River and this year promises to bring more to everyone interested in a spectacular fireworks show and emblematic movies loved by millions of Canadians.
A quarter-century anniversary is a major milestone in general, but especially so when it comes to a gaming corporation such as Loto-Quebec. July 31 is projected to bring major fireworks shows and tons of open-air excitement for everyone in the Lévis and Quebec region. The entire schedule spans all the way to August 24 and includes a total of six nights of celebrations including live dance performances for everyone to enjoy, as well as fireworks, and food able to meet and surpass enthusiasts’ expectations.
July Brings 25th Anniversary Celebrations
As it has been confirmed each of the six open-air events is going to commence at 6 p.m. with a wide variety of food offerings available on site. Place des Canotiers in Quebec and Quai Paquet in Lévis will provide the perfect view of everything happening in the vicinity and in the sky above the large congregation of people.
In addition to those free spots, Quebecois and guests of the city will have the chance to buy special tickets that will guarantee them even better view thanks to the special seats. Organizers of the event have considered all the best locations providing an exquisite view of everything happening and three main zones with paid seats will be open for purchases soon.
Each of the shows will commence at 9 p.m. giving people enough time to make their way to the location. The live dance show of each of the events will be a thematic one lasting approximately one hour, later on, followed by the fireworks show unique for every event. The pyrotechnics show is scheduled to commence at 10 p.m. to everyone’s delight.
Emblematic Movies Inspire Live Performances
July 31 is going to teleport all spectators to the setting of the iconic movie A Night at the Roxbury from 1998. Representing the real spirit of the 90s, this movie is also planning to completely transform the area, as well as the sky above it with its leopard and neon details. Flatlux-Ampleman Group is going to take care of the pyrotechnic performance. Visit Jack Rabbit is projected to transform August 7 with its live swing and twist dance show inspired by Pulp Fiction.
August 14 is scheduled to welcome the royal grand ballroom-themed show based on the aesthetics of Casino Royale. The social dance atmosphere will be reflected both in the dance show and in the pyrotechnic fiesta later on. August 17 is expected to elevate the entire experience on a whole new level, as it is inspired by the emblematic film The Fifth Element. Electronic music will transform the area with its laser beams and LED light.
Once Upon a Time in the West will be the inspiration behind the penultimate live performance taking place on August 21. Enthusiasts will be teleported back in the time of saloons and cowboys through country music and endearing details. As for the last live event, August 24 is going to bring attention to an icon such as Amélie Poulain and her Moulin Rouge-influenced world. This show and the one before it will rely on Royal Pyrotechnics’ expertise for the fireworks in the sky.

Lotto 6/49 CA$7M Jackpot Winner ‘Screamed with Joy’ at Gatineau Pharmacy

The past few weeks have marked lottery jackpot season for Canadians, as both Lotto 6/49 and Lotto MAX managed to grant substantial main prizes. Loto-Quebec dedicated this week to a very special CA$7-million jackpot that now belongs to a couple from Gatineau.
The ceremony took place at Casino du Lac-Leamy and made Colette Laberge and Mario Lafrenière multimillionaires. Lottery jackpots are able to spice people’s lives, especially if the windfall is unexpected and the player had been hoping to bag it one day.
Lottery is usually referred to as a gaming offering of less problematic nature, unable to cause irreparable financial damage to one’s wallet. This is among the main reasons why many people religiously participate in it and purchase tickets for every single lottery draw.
Lottery Jackpot Bagged by Winners
A couple hailing from Gatineau has been among the avid ticket purchasers and when all is said and done, their passion paid off. July 10 was a special day for the two of them, as this is when the fortunate draw took place.

Retiree Lotto 6/49 Jackpot Winner Bags CA$15,764,647.10, Ready to Invest

Such occasions show just how fast one’s life could change – in a matter of seconds, the draw managed to find the matching numbers to their winning ticket. Those were 07, 15, 22, 28, 43, 49, plus the bonus one 45 and the couple had highlighted the six numbers needed for a grand prize claiming.

CA$30 Million Lotto 6/49 Jackpot Continues Recent Lottery Winning Streak

The jackpot amounted to approximately CA$7 million, making the two of them the happiest people on the premises of the casino venue. Winners revealed that they had purchased the winning ticket at Uniprix Danyel Dessureault, Place de la Cité-des-Jeunes.

Lotto 6/49 Continues Winning Streak with CA$7M Ready to go to Gatineau

Mrs. Laberge was the one that found out their life is about to change while she was at work in the pharmacy. One of the customers told her that Loto-Quebec has issued an announcement that the winning ticket of its most recent draw had been purchased in the Gatineau region. This prompted her to check the ticket in her possession and learn the good news.
Lotto 6/49 Brings More Cash
A mandatory question every lottery winner hears as soon as they bag their prize is related to their plans for the foreseeable future. The two Gatineau residents said that they have already made plans for spending their fortune and their family is also going to benefit from it.

Couple Ready to Invest CA$14.9M Lotto 6/49 Jackpot Slice in Business Expansion

In addition to that, the point of sale, which helped them come closer to the jackpot-winning, Uniprix, is also going to receive a fair share of the overall prize. One percent of the overall jackpot equates to CA$70,000 and this is the cash it is about to bag shortly. Lotto 6/49 has been nothing but generous in the past few weeks, as it could be confirmed by a Nepean retiree.

Lotto 6/49, Lotto MAX Jackpots Galore Reach Their Winners across Canada

Richard Sobkowicz from Nepean became eligible for the grand jackpot on July 3 reaching CA$15.8 million. He had purchased the winning ticket at a Petro Canada in Napean and the location quickly became a popular one. June 15 saw another lucky Lotto 6/49 draw coming with a colossal jackpot of CA$29,801,647 that was shared between two winning tickets.

Calgary CA$65,000,000 Winner Would Forever Be Bonded with Other Lottery Millionaires

Lottery jackpots have mad life much more exciting for many Canadians over the past few weeks, as Lotto MAX’ Main prize has been growing at a steady pace. Its most recent draw came with a jackpot reaching CA$65 million, eyed my millions.
As Western Canada Lottery Corporation confirmed, a single lottery ticket purchased in Calgary claimed the stellar prize. Now the lucky player has 52 weeks to claim their prize and make the best of the situation.
Lotto MAX and Lotto 6/49 are the two most popular lottery offerings across the Canadian provinces, boasting two regular weekly draws each. The larger Main prize is associated with even higher interest in ticket purchasing, therefore swelling the jackpot even further. At the end of the day, the most recent Lotto MAX draw came with a Main prize of CA$65 million, as well as eight CA$1 Million MAXMILLIONS.
Lotto MAX Jackpot Reached CA$65M
This mean that everybody knew somebody that had already purchased a lottery ticket and was patiently waiting for the Lotto MAX draw. And their patience was rewarded, as someone in Calgary was especially lucky to bag the entire pot.

Torontonian Unites Neighbors with a Simple Lotto MAX Ticket Purchase

This jackpot would be remembered as the largest lottery win in Canada, as well as a record sum for the Alberta province. The lucky ticket matched perfectly the numbers drawn – 20, 31, 35, 36, 39, 42, and 44, which were enough for the Main prize.

B.C. Players Come across Lotto 6/49 Ticket Just in Time, Ont. Grandma Now Millionaire

It could be recalled that this May saw Lotto MAX’ cap being increased to CA$70 million, meaning that the jackpot had the chance to reach its limit. However, this did not happen, making life much easier for one particular lottery enthusiast. Lottery winners have a special connection to fellow fortunate individuals.

Eyes on the Prize: Lotto MAX Could Soon Swell Up to CA$70 Million

June 11 saw a Montreal family claim another CA$65-million Lotto MAX jackpot, once again dubbed as the largest lottery cash payout in Canadian history. Winners rarely have a complete understanding of the possibilities arising with such a fortune, which calls for an extensive research on personal finance and the management of a fortune of this magnitude.
Lotto 6/49 on the Rise Too
Projections are that the Calgary individual eligible for the cash payout would take their time before they approach the situation by contacting the lottery corporation. This is when their identity would be revealed. Meanwhile, Lotto 6/49 continues its quest to reach its own limit. Its most recent weekly draw came with a Main prize amounting to CA$21.8 million.

Lotto MAX Once again Makes the Ordinary Purchases Extraordinary

Unfortunately, not a single ticket was able to match the drawn numbers and claim the prize. One of the additional prizes estimating to CA$1 million was claimed by a single ticket sold on Quebec. October 9 would bring the next opportunity of winning big, as the next regular draw is set to take place. More and more people purchase Lotto 6/49 tickets and the jackpot would amount to approximately CA$25 million.

Lotto MAX Brings CA$40M Pot, While Lotto 6/49 Can’t Stay Away from Winners

One lottery prize is about to fizzle out in less than two weeks. Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation recently warned that October 21 would bring the deadline for a CA$250,000 Lotto MAX MAXMILLIONS slice. The remaining three quarters have already been bagged, but an Ottawa individual has to yet receive their cash windfall.

Lotto MAX Winner Held on to Ticket for 10 Months, Checked it Every Now and Then

Lotto MAX and Lotto 6/49 have been among the most popular lottery offerings for many years now, probably due to their generous nature and the progressive jackpots they feature. They also have the capacity of uniting people through pleasant memories, such as the Vernon pharmacy workers that are now CA$500,000 richer as a result of a ticket purchase.

Matching the Lotto 6/49 Extra draw in its entirety resulted in a cash payout for the people that usually take care of other individuals. Now it is time for them to make the best of the situation while splitting the cash prize seven ways. Tina Gauvin, as well as six other coworkers recently became eligible for a cash payout reaching CA$500,000. The winning Lotto 6/49 draw took place on September 25, making it a special day for all of them.
Lottery Jackpot Split between Coworkers

British Columbia Lottery Corporation revealed that the group of eight people is preparing to split their cash prize in a fair manner. Participating in lottery offerings as a group is a common practice among Canadians, as it makes for a bonding activity.

Lotto 6/49 Millionaires Celebrate Jackpots in Alberta, Ontario, Main Prize Swells

Mrs. Gauvin was the team captain and she told her colleagues the good news that they are much richer now. She used a self-serve terminal in order to check the winning ticket, while she was picking her mother up from the airport. Upon revealing the great news, her coworkers could not believe their ears and thought she was playing tricks on them.

Torontonian Unites Neighbors with a Simple Lotto MAX Ticket Purchase

Each participant would have the opportunity to make their dreams come true very soon. In the meantime, a Saskatoon lottery enthusiast waited about 10 months to bag his prize.

B.C. Players Come across Lotto 6/49 Ticket Just in Time, Ont. Grandma Now Millionaire

Duc Tran is known for her passion for Lotto MAX tickets. She purchased a ticket ahead of the November 23, 2018 draw and waited patiently for the draw to take place. Soon after that she checked the winning numbers and compared them to those printed on her ticket. As it turned out, she was eligible for a cash payout of great magnitude.
Saskatoon Player Receives CA$248,296.10
The draw guaranteed Mr. Tran CA$248,296.10 but she failed to believe it was really happening. The winner had to scan the ticket a couple of times before coming to terms that this is her future now. Eventually, she went back home without collecting her prize or contacting Saskatchewan Lotteries.

Eyes on the Prize: Lotto MAX Could Soon Swell Up to CA$70 Million

This went on for about 10 months, as she recently collected the cash prize coming with the winning ticket. Every ticket has an expiry date giving the player some 52 weeks to claim their prize and invest in various projects. The Saskatoon player took her time but kept checking on the lottery ticket and processing the information. Only recently, she bagged her prize already planning to share it with her family.

Lotto MAX Once again Makes the Ordinary Purchases Extraordinary

In addition to that, she also wants to support her temple and give some of it for charity. Lotto 6/49 is about to return this Wednesday with a Main prize reaching CA$25,000,000, joined by one Guaranteed CA$1 Million Prize. Meanwhile, Lotto MAX is bound to have its October 11 draw with a hefty CA$22,000,000 Main prize.

Groups of Friends Bag Stellar Lotto Prizes in B.C., Ontario

Groups of individuals are often drawn to purchasing a lottery ticket together as a form of gambling, often times a bonding experience among coworkers. Such is the case with 15 British Columbians working together that became eligible for a cash payout of CA$500,000, meaning that each of the coworkers is about to bag some CA$33,300 for their participation in the lotto bonanza.

All of those individuals hail from Dawson Creek, British Columbia and they have a reason to celebrate, as each and every one of them has been fortunate enough to become eligible for the major cash slice. They have been persistent in their lottery ticket purchases over the years, but it is a known fact that gambling winnings do not come through maturity of chances.
Grand Winners Celebrate

Gambler’s fallacy teaches us that a losing streak does not mean that a winning streak is ahead of us. It is all a matter of chance and the good luck one has. In the situation involving the Dawson Creek individuals, they had purchased a Daily Grand ticket and managed to match all Extra numbers needed for bagging the prize. This meant that the group ticket becomes eligible for the cash payout of CA$500,000.

CA$17.6m Lotto 6/49 Winner Kept Scanning Ticket in Disbelief

Stephen Gibson was the individual that purchased the winning ticket and became the captain of this group. This meant that the winning cheque had his name written on him followed by the clarification that this amount is given to him in trust. The winning ticket purchase was made at the Dawson Co-op, meaning that the location is now eligible for a cash payout amounting to one percent of the overall prize.

Pollard Enhances Lotto Offerings with CA$13.4m mkodo Purchase

The first individual to learn the good news about a winning ticket was his wife, instead of the remaining 14 individuals eligible for the prize. Mr. Gibson wanted to share the good news with her first, as he was still in shock and disbelief. He wanted to make the announcement as special as possible, gathering them all after work hours.
Ontario Was Also Fortunate Enough
Another group of individuals bagged CA$1 million for their winning ticket purchase in Woodbridge. The five lottery enthusiasts bought a winning Lotto MAX draw and this made them eligible for the major Maxmillions prize. December 7 was their lucky day, just in time for the Christmas celebrations and the season of giving.

Group of Six Lotto MAX Millionaires Plan their Future in Quebec

They were quick to claim their prize and split it five ways, every one of them receiving CA$200,000. Jeevara Oshana, 28, was the captain of this group and he was the person checking the lottery ticket shortly after the winning draw. Sam’s Food Market and Convenience in Woodbridge was the fortunate location welcoming the ticket purchasers. Now it is eligible for one percent of the overall prize. Plans for holiday trips and exotic locations are on top of the winners’ lists right now.

Birthday Wishes Come True with Lotto 6/49, Dog Hears First

In the meantime, Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation decided to highlight the fortunate event of winning big. Its brand new advertisement campaign brings attention to winners of previous lottery draws. Operation Red Nose volunteers were among the grand winners of 2018. Some 50 individuals became eligible for a cash payout of CA$1 million. The prize was split among them and each of them received CA$20,000.

Georgia Players Get their Hands On Instant Win Gaming Offerings

Georgia Lottery Corporation announced it has inked an agreement with Instant Win Gaming for an enhanced lottery experience thanks to their collective work. The premium gaming offerings powered by IWG are already live with the lottery corporation welcoming players to a whole new world of gaming offerings. The integration was completed with the help of the premium IGT platform.

Lottery corporations across North America are looking for ways in which they could enhance the player experience and make it even better down the road. One of the ways in which this could happen is via collaborations with leading gaming providers and lottery engines that have proven their efficiency through various partnerships. Instant Win Gaming is known for its collaboration with several of the Canadian Crown corporations, as well as US-based ones.
Innovation Brought Closer

Instant Win Gaming is known for its close collaboration with Atlantic Lottery Corporation, British Columbia Lottery Corporation, and Loto-Québec in Canada. Three of the five provincial lottery corporations prefer the supplier for their ongoing operation and gaming offerings. When it comes to the US lottery enthusiast, Michigan and Pennsylvania based ones have the chance to enjoy IWG offerings. Michigan Lottery and Pennsylvania Lottery work with the provider.

Quebec Online Player Bags CA$1,004,723, Lotto Jackpots Remain Untouched

Now it is time for Georgia Lottery Corporation to join existing North America partners and balance IWG’s presence between Canada and the US. Georgia players could now see what the hype is all about and experience first-hand the riveting online games offered by the leading supplier. One of the fresh offerings there are is the Super Cash Buster.

Lawmaker Lays Groundwork for Rhode Island to Offer Online Lottery Tickets

Players could enjoy it in portrait mode within the borders of Georgia. Online gaming on a local level has gained popularity over the recent years and players are looking for something new on a regular basis. This new collaboration between Georgia Lottery Corporation and Instant Win Gaming would guarantee new games introduced as they are released. Many individuals are projected to find their new online game within the wide range.
Canada and the US Benefit
Rhydian Fisher, Chief Executive Officer of IWG, pointed out that one of the main goals for 2019 was solidifying the company’s position in the international lottery market. The supplier works with players based in the UK, Gibraltar, as well as Canada, and its exploration of US-based lottery markets equals a next phase to its expansion. Over 15 years of operation have made it a recognizable name in the gaming world.

Atlantic Lottery Corporation Lures Players into VLT Gambling with Coupons amid Class Action Lawsuit

Now it is time for North America expansion and the introduction of more than 300 gaming titles to an entirely new audience. The smooth implementation was guaranteed by IGT platform facilitating the process. Recently, the company announced its collaboration with Gaming Realms. As a result of it, Instant Win Gaming introduced its gaming offerings to iLotteries associated with the North America State and Provincial Lotteries and World Lottery Association.

Come January Alan Kerr to Become Chief Financial Officer of BCLC

Games to the likes of Slingo XXXtreme and Deal or No Deal Slingo were introduced to the players with the help of the Progressive Play Remote Game Server. This year also saw the agreement between Atlantic Lottery Corporation and Instant Win Gaming. Atlantic Canadian provinces were quick to experience the myriad offerings introduced.